Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Measures

We know you have seen several emails regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), but please read this message in its entirety as it specifically pertains to our office. This is a very fluid situation.  Information changes on a daily basis and we will keep you posted on any new developments that may require changes in protocols that we need to make based on advice and guidance from the appropriate federal and state agencies.

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Class II Treatment Without Extraction or RPE

I spent the first year after my residency working as an independent contractor in corporate dentistry. It was a tremendous opportunity being able to learn the business of orthodontics without the responsibility of ownership. As time went on, though, I began to realize the value of team culture and the key factors that influence new patient conversion. If I were to achieve my ultimate goals, I needed to take on the high risk of building an orthodontic practice from scratch. In 2013, I opened my office and began to experience what I consider to be the rewarding result of one of the most significant decisions I have ever made.

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Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics…OR…Don’t?

I have been asked several times over the past year about a new company called Smile Direct Club, formerly Smile Care Club. You may have seen their advertisements on social media or on the internet. It has taken me a few months to finally decide that this topic may be worth talking about. Specifically, I hope to answer your main questions, what is it and is it worth your investment?

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Interceptive (Phase 1) Orthodontics for Kids

Common questions from parents who are raising young children are usually as follows: How young should a child begin having braces? Should braces be used on baby teeth or permanent teeth? How old should my child be for their first orthodontist trip? If you are one of these parents asking about orthodontic treatment for their child in Temecula, then read this article. Dr. Rucker, orthodontist in Temecula, hopes to answer all of your questions on child orthodontic services in Temecula.

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Life With Braces – Temecula Orthodontics

Welcome to your new life with braces! In order to adapt to your braces over the course of the next couple years, some lifestyle changes will have to be made, such as your diet, cleaning and sports life. Dr. Rucker, orthodontist in Temecula, goes over some key points to remember to help you adjust accordingly! Braces and Invisalign clear braces don’t have to make your life harder. Be sure they are protected!

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